Mr Jeffery
 We were experience very high heating bills, being off-grid and relying on the ever increasingly expensive heating oil our bills were in excess of £100 per month. We knew we had to try do something about it and that was when we got the pleasant phone call from Collective Green Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd. There was an appointment set up with Jamie, of which we discussed everything from ways and means of reducing our heating bills. We began looking into Air-to-Water Air Source Heat Pumps. Our house was well insulated and had a heat loss of £18567kwh a few sums were done and with the additional MMSP pack installed we worked out a rough figure of £10482 over 7 years. The way the tariff was explained fully and once heat calcs were done for our property we then went through running costs of the heat pump and there was an amazing 70% saving to be had on our bills (Gas vs. Electric). We were very happy to go ahead at this point had not been once pushed for any forms of commitment, it was a no brainer. Installation was a breeze, following technical survey. The product was delivered on time and the lads (Michael) were very easy going, we discussed a few things with the positioning of the cylinder and how we could utilise the space in the cupboard. Very approachable, energetic engineers. I have already passed on Collective Green Energy (Yorkshire)’s details to many friends in the village who like us are off grid and suffering with crippling oil bills 
Mrs Piper
 Everything from start to finish was an absolute pleasure, everything was laid out on the table by the non-pushy sales rep, Andy. All payments were discussed what we would be getting and how these would offer up with our monthly payments. It was stated exactly what system would be installed and how it would with work with any new potential radiators etc. A survey was then carried out where measurements were taken and all potential issues dealt with in a pro-active manner. When it came to the install, the lads Gary and his team were a joy to have around the house. Very clean and tidy workmen, laying out carpet roll across all the house and swiftly completing the job to a very high standard over 2 days. I couldn’t recommend a more honest, reliable workforce from start to finish.