New French Law Passed: Rooftops Must Be Covered With Plants Or Solar Panels

Do you live in France? If you’re getting a new house, you might have to follow this incredible, sustainable law.

A new law that was passed that mandates that new buildings in commercial lots need to have either plants or solar panels on the roof. Having a garden on your roof sounds like a paradise, one that’s easily obtainable and should be happening all over the world. Plants create an isolating effect to help reduce the energy needed to heat or cool houses.

They also absorb rainwater to help prevent leaks, provide a home to small critters and insects and most importantly it connects us back to nature. Combining modern society with the natural world is exactly what we need to do and this is a good start.

Solar panels on the roofs of businesses is amazing because it helps reduce the amount of energy they use while creating sustainable, renewable energy instead.

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